Posted by: livethedailysource | October 22, 2009

Liquid Vitamins Better for Daily Source of Nutrition

The benefits of vitamins and minerals are more important today than ever before. For most people, supplementing their diet is now a necessity. In today’s hectic world, our busy schedules, processed foods and poor nutrition make it more difficult for us to eat a healthy, balanced diet.

There are many reasons why you may prefer liquid vitamins. Do you have a hard time swallowing pills? Many vitamins are large and hard to swallow. No matter how important it is to take a vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement and no matter how high the quality of product, it is useless if you cannot take it. Thankfully there are some liquid vitamin supplements out on the market.

Research suggests that only 10-12% of vitamins and minerals in a pill or capsule form are absorbed by the body, compared to up to 98% for liquid vitamins. Vitamins in pill or capsule form have low bioavailability; therefore, they have weaker benefits.

Liquid vitamins bypass the digestive process and are absorbed directly into the blood stream and into the cell. Pills and capsules have additives such as talc and other fillers that require extra digestive efforts to get the desired effects.

Liquid vitamins are much easier to swallow for children and seniors. These groups of individuals typically have difficulty digesting vitamins in pill or capsule form because of the additional ingredients used.

A good multi-vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement is the foundation of health and nutrition. If you are looking for a high quality liquid multi-vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement, we suggest that you take a look at the dailysource™.

dailysource™ is the world’s first and only patented fully nano-encapsulated liquid multi-vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement. dailysource™ isn’t just a vitamin supplement. It’s a complete cocktail of health and well being. There is absolutely nothing like it on the market today!

The specially selected vitamins, minerals and herbal compounds in dailysource™ provide a substantial increase in nutritional value, first, due to their combination, and second, due to nano-encapsulation. Our All Natural Patented Nanotechnology™ creates a particle size small enough to be absorbed with maximum efficiency.

Our All Natural Patented Nanotechnology ™ process uses only natural plant lipids as the basis for its nano-encapsulation. This ensures the compounds dissolve gradually, providing a sustained release of the vitamins, minerals and herbal compounds. By the time the body has absorbed the nutrients in this safe and efficient manner, the nano particle has completely dissolved. In other words, the plant lipids are metabolized just as any other food stuff would be.

For those unfortunate souls whose daily menus are limited by food allergies, look no further. dailysource™ is allergen free of yeast, corn, wheat, lactose, dairy, citrus, egg, fish and nut products. It contains no sugar, artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.

To learn more, order a bottle or become a distributor, please visit

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